Compound Interest is the eighth wonder of the world.
He who understands it, earns it...
He who doesn't, pays it.
– Albert Einstein


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Ian Waldman

My work is my passion, it gives me pride and a sense of duty. The experience and knowledge I have gained during my professional career has led me to be able to help others in both business finance and personal finance. Making a difference by helping people is important to me and the reason I continue to challenge myself daily to grow my knowledge and better myself professionally and personally. I enjoy a challenge and with my comprehensive knowledge of business and taxes. I hope to meet more potential clients, continuing to help others and feeding my passion.

I love QBO so you dont have too. I am QuickBooks certified and ProAdvisor. Are you having trouble making decisions because you are unsure of the implications? I have partnered with DryRun to offer fractional CFO services, with this powerful software I am be able to monitor your cash position, manage risk, run multiple scenarios to discuss your options at once to bring insight to your business.

Cash Management - Fractional CFO Services

Your cash position is your most precious commodity.
Know where you stand, your next steps, and where you are headed

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